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Robbery at school!

When the children came into school today, they found a crime scene in their classroom!  The kindles had been stolen and it was our  job to solve the crime and find the culprit!


First we assessed the crime scene, made notes, identified the evidence and narrowed down the suspects.

Then we split into groups to analyse the evidence.  We had 4 groups all using their detective or forensic science skills.  When each suspect was called into the room they were interviewed and their body language was studied.  Next they went to the finger print lab where their prints were taken and analysed and then went on to give their shoe size and hair sample.  After that they went to give a handwriting sample which was analysed and compared to a piece of evidence we think the suspect had dropped.

Eventually, after a lot of hard work we found our culprit – Miss Kent-Brown!  We arrested her and charged her for the crime.  She was very sorry and said she would never steal again!

Take a look at our exciting morning!



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