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Summer Term 1

This half term we have all been enjoying our topic ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again?’  As our ‘Wow’ start we enjoyed a lovely river walk in the sun.  We walked along Buckley drive and down Corbet Way. On our walk we met some pet goats and chickens.  Whilst we were at the river we looked at the speed the water travelled at different points, we noticed lots of small meanders and listened to the sound.

In our Art sessions with Miss Rogers we have been learning about landscape art.  We have been able to identify background, foreground, horizon line and middle ground.   We have used lots of different resources to create a river mood board to inspire us.   We have also been learning about the work of Monet, Renoir and O’Keeffe.  As part of our art sessions we have all had a go at painting in the style of the artists.  We have discussed our likes and dislikes in relation to the artists technique and style.  Have a look at our amazing creations.

Hayley 1

Hayley 2

Hayley 3

Hayley 4








Hayley 5

Hayley 6

Hayley 7









We are going to choose our favourite artist and paint our own river picture using their technique that will be displayed in our school art exhibition.

In our Spanish sessions we have been learning fruit names and recapping general greetings.


This half term we have been enjoying our new topic, ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again?’ and we have been learning all about the journey of a river. The children made some fantastic model rivers from paper mâchė, labelling each part of the journey. They really enjoyed getting messy and painting them.

Y3-4 HH

Y3-4 IS

By Harrison Haworth                                                                                           By Isabelle Simpson

The children have learnt all about the water cycle and carried out a science investigation to see if they could prove that it really exists! They did this by making their own ‘water cycle in a bag’ and really enjoyed working together as a team. They were keen to show other children in the school what they had been up to!

Y3-4 water cycle













Y3-4 comp skills













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