Christ Church C.E.
Primary School

Denshaw, Saddleworth

Staff- September 2019


Mrs S. Callaghan


 Foundation Stage  

Mrs. H. Keyl

Mrs. A. Mudd  (teaching assistant & HLTA)


Key Stage 1

Mrs. J. Felstead

Mrs. P. Thompson-Lloyd

Mrs V. Melling (teaching assistant & HLTA)


Year 3/4

Miss G. Holden 

Mrs  K. Wrigley (teaching assistant: 1 to 1 support)

Mrs. S. Wilson (teaching assistant)


Year 5/6

Miss E. Bell

 Mrs. P. Kelly (teaching assistant: 1 to 1 support)

 Mrs . G Lees  (teaching assistant: 1 to 1 support)

Miss C. Cimdins (teaching assistant-1 to 1 &  small group support)



School Aministration Team

Mrs. N. Markham-Bew

Miss C. Reynolds



Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs P. Kelly

Mrs W. Akhtar

Miss C. Cimdins

Mrs K. Wrigley

Miss  C. Reynolds


Cook in Charge

Mrs. C. Wrigley




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