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Primary School PE and Sports Funding 2019

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum from 2013 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to primary schools.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. Each primary school has now been allocated a lump sum of £16000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil.

We want to ensure that this money is used to enable ALL our pupils to have increased opportunities to participate in sport, to attain well and reach their full potential.

As well as promoting team work, co-operation and collaboration, we also want to promote a healthy approach to competition. All of which are essential for participation and enjoyment throughout their lives.

2015-16 £8,280
2016-17 £8,280
2017-18 £13,260
2018-19 £16,680



How will the sports premium be spent and who will benefit?

At our school we believe that the money should be used so that:

  • All children benefit regardless of sporting ability
  • That children (and parents) are encouraged to make informed and healthier lifestyle choices
  • That all staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development
  • That children increase their participation in the frequency and range of sports covered
  • That sport contributes to their overall achievement and wellbeing

We have a history of sporting success particularly in cross country and water polo and we have always been keen to emphasise the importance of physical exercise and healthy lifestyles. This funding allows us to increase provision, expertise and participation

Primary Sports Expenditure

The Sports premium for 2019-20 is being used to support the following initiatives:

Sports Development

We have bought in the services of Sports Development workers to work in school for 3 afternoons a week. This also includes 2 after school clubs and a lunchtime club. The specialists deliver PE lessons alongside our staff, offering high quality PE lessons for the children and sharing good practice through modelling the activities. Our staff are able to build up a bank of skills and knowledge. Our Reception and Key Stage 1 children take part in the Celebration of Dance event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall where they showcase their dancing skills on stage to a large audience.

We train our Year 5 and 6s to become Young Leaders so they can organise activities at lunchtimes for our younger children.

Cost: £10,00.00

Health Champions

We send two pupils on Health Champions training 3 times a year. They then deliver whole school assemblies on the themes and try out different activities with the children. We pay for a teaching assistant to escort them to the venues.

Cost: £258.00

Dovestone Learning Partnership Calendar of Events

We are setting up a calendar of events and competitions with the schools in the partnership. Our children have the opportunity to participate in competitive sport throughout the year locally.

Cost £500

Oldham School Sport Partnership

We have joined this partnership so we can continue to participate in the schools cross country events. Key Stage 1 attend the Gruffalo Trail and Reception take part in balance bike training. Our children also take part in taster sessions for different sports.

Cost £450

Sports Co-ordinator

We employ one of our teaching assistants to co-ordinate our sports competitions and activities and attend the after school clubs.

Cost £1306

Forest School

Reception and Key Stage 1 have a weekly Forest School session to promote the children’s wellbeing using the outdoors.

Cost for resources £200

Gardening Club

We hold a gardening club to promote healthy eating and lifestyles. This was initially started last academic year but we want to continue to develop this.

Cost for resources £500

Purchase of new equipment and resources to enhance our PE lessons and develop our mental wellbeing

Purchase of new equipment and resources to support our PE curriculum and healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

Cost for resources £1,000

All our work will support our pupils and be aimed at:

  • increasing attainment
  • increasing participation
  • improving pupil confidence and adopting a positive attitude
  • developing skills
  • developing social confidence
  • promoting a life long love of sport
  • developing an understanding of the health benefits that participation in sporting activities brings
  • enabling the pupils to be able to relax  and to feel happy
  • promote a love of the outdoors

Our overall intended outcomes are:

  • to improve the emotional well being of our pupils
  • to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision through well planned and differentiated lessons.
  • increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach performance levels they are capable of through our partnership work with Dovestone Learning Partnership
  • increased staff confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons through professional development
  • love of the outdoors which will impact at home- wanting to go out for walks, riding bikes etc at weekends and during the school holidays

The  impact :

  • the quality of teaching and learning during PE lessons has continued to improve as a result of working alongside specialist PE teachers
  • all children from Key Stage 1 have 2 hours dedicated PE time each week as a result the children are physically fitter
  • children in Reception have a 1 hour PE session and 1 afternoon per week at Forest School as a result the children have good basic PE skills and an enjoyment for the outdoors which can transfer out of school
  • dance in school is of a very high standard and Reception and Key Stage 1 showcased their talents at the Oldham Celebration of Dance last year and will take part again this year.
  • we participate successfully in cross country events organised by the LA. This year we are hoping to improve on our overall ranking
  • the children have opportunities to experience a range of new sports
  • we have set up 3 sports clubs after school: Football, netball and dance. Children are able to learn and practise a range of different skills with specialised support. (This is subject to change across the year)
  • a football club has been set up 1 lunchtime again to learn and practise a range of skills as a result the children have good basic PE skills and develop good team work strategies. This is led by a specialist PE teacher.
  • sports leaders are trained each year to work with the younger children at lunchtimes to teach them a variety of games, encouraging them to work together as a team.
  • the pupils  know how to improve their emotional well being through exercise, mindfulness and a positive growth mindset and this has an impact on their overall attitude


2018-19 Evaluation Expenditure

Oldham Sports development:

3 afternoons per week and 2 after school clubs per week teaching high quality PE lessons for staff to observe and support

£10,000 Staff can see high quality PE lessons being taught so can gain the skills and knowledge to support their own CPD in PE

We offer a range of after school clubs.

Health Champions

Event 3 times a year

£258 The children attend events and meet children from other schools. They gain information which they pass onto the school through assembles and small projects- this develops their leadership and presentation skills.

Provides the school with information about healthy lifestyles

Fresh programme/ Fresh Mind programme delivered by Sports Development

1 afternoon per week during the summer term 2019

For all Key Stage 2 classes involved with in the Healthy Lifestyle programme

Focus on the importance of looking after physical, psychological and social wellbeing. The children learn about supporting their mental health and wellbeing.


£2,000 Choosing Healthy Lifestyle Programme – all classes receive 6x sessions including theory & practical learning. Pupils learn how to keep themselves healthy and how to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Staff support delivery of the programme and follow up with activities. Whole school initiative ensures key messages delivered consistently. Parents involved in after school activity linked to the programme.

Oldham School Sport Partnership


£500 This has enabled us to compete in the Cross country races. We have a strong cross country team with some of our runners coming within the top 3 overall.

Our reception class enjoy the balance bikes and this enables the children to get experience of using a bike.

Sports Coordinator who organises, books and attends events and also liaises with the different schools and organisations

2 hours per week


£1306 We employ one of our teaching assistants to co-ordinate our sports competitions and activities and attend the after school clubs.


Forest School sessions- weekly session for Reception and either Year 1 and 2 Resources £200 The children participate in outdoor activities encouraging healthier lifestyles and good wellbeing
Purchase of new equipment and resources to support our PE curriculum and healthy lifestyle and wellbeing Resources £500 Resources to be used at playtimes by our young leaders to provide activities for our younger children.

Sports equipment replaced so high quality PE lessons are taught across the school

Total spent £14,764



Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety
All our children receive a 30 minute swimming lesson for 2 years in Year 3& 4
Percentage of Year 6 pupils that could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left our school at the end of the academic year (2018-19) 100%
Percentage of Year 6 pupils that could use a range of strokes effectively (eg front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke) when they left our school at the end of the academic year (2018-19) 100%
Percentage of Year 6 pupils that could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left our school at the end of the academic year (2018-19) 100%




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