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Achievement for All & Early Supp

Our school has been involved with Achievement for All since the pilot in September 2009. We have held  Quality Lead status, our Head teacher has been a coach and has been chosen to be an Ambassador for the charity. The Achievement for All philosophy is embedded in our school.

The Achievement for All framework has enabled us to shape our school improvement through the four elements:

  • leadership
  • high quality teaching and learning
  • parental engagement
  • wider outcomes

The leadership element focuses on effective analysis and use of data, working with different professionals and monitoring and sustaining high standards across the school.

High quality teaching and learning leads to improved progress for all our pupils, especially those with special educational needs (SEN) and our ‘vulnerable’ groups. Achievement for All has helped us develop robust assessment systems which are manageable and fit for purpose.

The greatest success for our school has been the introduction of the structured conversation- a focused, managed meeting between teacher, parents/carers and sometimes the child. These meetings may last up to an hour for some but thirty minutes is the norm and focus entirely on meeting the needs of the learner both at home and school and forms a positive partnership. The conversation aims to raise academic achievement and to achieve in a wider range of opportunities.

Wider outcomes focuses on behaviour, attendance and well-being. We want our children to enjoy coming to school and to feel safe. We have recently engaged with the Anti-Bullying project to ensure pupils have the skills to deal with any issues now and particularly later in life.

For more information visit the Achievement for All 3 As website.


One of our partner projects is Early Support. This is a way of working underpinned by ten principles that improves the delivery of services for children with SEND and their families, ensuring they are always central to the delivery. It provides families with a single point of contact and continuity through key working. Our Head teacher is trained as an Early Support coach and has written a case study supporting parental engagement and partnership through Early Support.

The Early Support website provides practical information, materials  and resources for parents of children with SEND.



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