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Physical activity policy September 2019

Our Christian vision

We have Faith in each child’s potential to become conscientious, caring citizens.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.    (1 Corinthians 13)

Faith: ‘I can do it’

Hope: ‘Our future dreams, aspirations and achievements’

Love: ‘Treat each other as you would yourself’


As a school we have a responsibility to help pupils and staff establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity is one of the most important ways people can maintain and improve their physical health, mental health and overall well-being. It is important that pupils are given opportunities to participate in a range of enjoyable physical activities at an early age so they are more likely to continue being physically active throughout the rest of their lives. The planned use of  the PE and Sport’s funding  is  extremely effective in improving and sustaining high quality PE and sports provision. Through this provision, it is vital to ensure our children are given the opportunities to become conscientious, caring citizens.



  • To promote the benefits of physical activity to the whole school community
  • To improve the self-esteem and confidence of the pupils through participation in physical activity
  • To ensure the pupils are aware of the link between physical activity and healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.
  • To promote the celebration of sporting events
  • To promote inclusion
  • To improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport


Definition of Physical activity

Physical activity is defined as ‘any force exerted by skeletal muscle that results in energy expenditure above resting level’ and includes ‘the full range of human movement, from competitive sport and exercise to active hobbies, walking and cycling or activities of daily living’.



The promotion of physical activity is delivered through:

  • Physical education lessons led by members of staff , our PE specialist teacher or swimming teacher
  • Cross curricular links in our curriculum – Early years foundation stage programme, PE, PSHE and science
  • Extra-curricular clubs run through our after-school club CABS as appropriate
  • Lunchtime activities

 Physical education lessons

There is a sequential scheme of work for PE which involves moderate to vigorous physical activity on a regular basis. Every pupil in each year shall participate in regular physical education for the entire school year. We use the playground and field for PE activities and we access the sports hall at the village hall for indoor physical activities. All pupils  participate in physical PE activity each week   and all Key Stage 2 currently go swimming each week for half the year.( year 5 and 6: September to February, year 3 and 4: February to July)


Extra-curricular physical activity

Pupils have a diverse choice of activities in which they can participate- competitive, non-competitive, structured , unstructured and including some physical activity options such as drama, gardening, parachute games.

All activities shall be supervised by members of staff or qualified coaches or instructors who may or may not be teachers. A member of school staff will be available in case support is required-eg an accident

We are part of a cluster of schools and regularly take part in different festivals and tournaments for pupils of different ages.

We actively encourage pupils to go to local clubs and promote our gifted and talented through outside clubs.


Lunchtime activities

Our school has playgrounds, playground markings and play equipment for free play. Mid-day supervisors engage and encourage pupils in physical activity at lunchtime. The trained Sports Leaders organise and lead activities for the younger pupils.


Equal opportunities

All pupils in our school including those with special needs are entitled to a comprehensive programme of physical education which fulfils the statutory National Curriculum requirements and takes into account of their individual needs and interests. It may be necessary to amend the activities to meet the needs of individual pupils. We encourage all pupils to participate in extra-curricular activities whatever their levels of ability.



Physical activity provision within our school is developmentally appropriate and a variety of teaching and learning approaches and organisational management are adopted to ensure that:

  • Tasks are matched to pupils of different abilities, needs and interests by balancing challenge with the likelihood of success
  • Pupils at different starting points all make progress
  • The achievement of all pupils are maximised by providing variations in tasks, resources, support and group structure.


Assessment, recording , reporting and monitoring

An audit if out of school activities is kept to indicate the number of pupils participating in physical activities

Levels of participation will be monitored with regard to gender and overall levels of interest.

pupils are monitored during lessons by including assessment criteria in lesson plans, through teacher observation in the lesson and by questioning the pupils to find out what they enjoy/ don’t enjoy about PE.

We use assessment sheets to link pupils’ achievements to National Curriculum level descriptors and use this information to inform parents in the end of year report.


Staff training

Our PE and PSHE attend training and cascade to staff within school.

Our school is part of a local partnership with Saddleworth Secondary school. There are termly meetings to organise tournaments for the pupils to compete against other local primary schools and also to offer training opportunities

Health and safety plays a major part in all training for staff.


Health and safety guidelines

Risk assessments are carried out regularly and members of staff continually assess the safety of playground activities

All guidelines for physical education and games are followed eg. supervision, behaviour, clothing, jewellery and use of equipment.

All coaches from other organisations must hold suitable qualifications and will be CRB checked- including parent helpers.


Promoting physical activity to the whole community

Parents are sent details of physical activity clubs their children may attend

Parents are welcome to observe or help where possible

Details of physical activities in the wider community are sent home- especially activities taking place during the school holidays.

The collection of Sainsbury and Tesco sports vouchers by the wider school community raises the awareness of the enjoyment and the benefits of physical activity.


Kite Marks

We  currently hold Sainsbury’s Sports Gold award .

Our school works hard to achieve recognised status for physical activity and school sport.


Monitoring and evaluation

The Physical activity co-ordinator is Adele Mudd. She is responsible for providing clear leadership and management in developing and monitoring physical activity within school. She works closely with all members of staff and our PE specialist teacher. She monitors levels of participation and makes appropriate adjustments. She consults with pupils and staff to identify barriers to participation and to ensure there is broad range of activities are provided for all pupils to participate in.

This policy is a working document will be reviewed every 2 years






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