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Parental involvement September 2019

‘Parents usually know more about their child than any one else’

The aim of our school is to work along side parents to ensure that all children reach their full potential whilst at our school.

We will: –

  • Ensure all parents are aware of our policies and procedures.
  • Welcome the contributions of parents, whatever form these may take.
  • Ensure that parents are informed on a regular basis about any issues and have an opportunity to discuss it with staff.
  • Consult with families about the time, venue and accessibility of meetings, to avoid the exclusion of anyone.


Practical ways of working with parents

  • Staff and the school will actively welcome parents and their positive contributions.
  • Staff will recognise and value the parent, family culture, heritage and language.
  • Acknowledging parents have the right to relevant and regular information.
  • Parents have the right to be consulted on issues affecting their children.
  • Parents will be given every opportunity to understand the aims and mission statement of our school and the reasons behind the activities on offer.
  • Parents have a right to discuss and negotiate with staff over issues regarding their child, and have the right to privacy to achieve this
  • Staff and parents will develop a mutual trust.
  • Staff must recognise the need for confidentiality in dealing with children and families.


Considering the needs of the Parents

  • Information will be available in all community languages.
  • All parents in Key Stage 1 and 2 are invited to a class welcome meeting during the first half of the autumn term
  • All information regarding the school will be available to  new Reception parents at the pre-visit or induction evening through the prospectus including policies and procedures, staff details, aims, mission statement.
  • The policies and procedures, including Special needs and Equal opportunities, will be available to all families.
  • Parents will be made to feel their presence is always very welcome and open discussions about their children should be encouraged to take place.
  •  All parents are invited to attend the Achievement assembly in church on a Friday morning and end of term celebrations
  • All parents are invited to attend the termly ‘Come and Create’ termly afternoons
  • Parents are invited to attend a short parents’ evening style meeting and a longer parents’ meeting over the year

This policy and these procedures were  reviewed in September 2019 and will be updated annually.



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