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No smoking Policy September 2019


Smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death and ill-health in our society.

Passive smoking – breathing other people’s tobacco smoke – is also potentially fatal. It has been shown to cause lung cancer, as well as many other illnesses, in non-smokers.

Smoking is a health and safety issue for all adults who use the building: staff and parents.

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air, and non-smokers are in the majority.


The smoking policy applies to all visitors to our school – for example, parents, or contractors. The following arrangements have been made for informing visitors of the policy’s existence:

  • Clearly worded signs will be visible.
  • Staff members will inform visitors of the policy when necessary.
  • Letters will be sent home to parents.
  • The local education authority will be informed.

There is a no smoking policy throughout the school and in the outdoor areas accessible to children.

Since 1st July 2007, it is illegal to smoke in these areas.

Implementing and monitoring

This policy will be reviewed annually.



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