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Medicine Policy & Procedure September 2019

A child who is not fully fit is better off at home where he/she can be nursed back to health. Normally children should not return to school until they have finished their course of medication and are fully recovered. Children need to remain off for at least 24 hours from the first dose of antibiotics. However in the event of medicine being required as a short -term measure then only prescribed medicine will be stored in school and self administered by the child.

Medicines must be pre-measured and brought into school in a suitable vessel such as a 5ml syringe  in a clear bag with the child’s name on it.

Parents are welcome to come to school to give medicines to their own child

In all cases, parents/carers must inform  the office in the morning of each day that medicine is required and a signed form must be completed. Medicine will be made available to your child at 12 noon  each day.

Children using inhalers may need to use them at anytime. If your child does need to use an inhaler, it is important that school is notified in writing with any specific instructions. Children who use an inhaler need to have access to it in school. The inhaler  needs to be clearly identified with the child’s name and checked termly.

Other medication will only be kept in school if noted on the annual Health Management forms or if the condition is ongoing.

This policy will be reviewed immediately if it becomes necessary for a child to have regular medication in school.


This policy was adopted on.1st November 2017 and will be reviewed annually.



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