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Healthy eating September 2019

Menus are available on request.  If you have any queries regarding these please do not hesitate to contact school of speak to Mrs Wrigley

Sharing of food and drink plays an important part in the social development of children, as well as reinforcing children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. Our school will ensure that all these requirements are met and that:

v Staff will discuss with parents and record each child’s dietary requirements including cultural, allergies, likes and dislikes and family preferences and make appropriate arrangements to meet them.

v Dietary rules of religious and cultural groups and vegetarian/vegan are understood and met appropriately.

v All meals provided are made from fresh ingredients wherever possible, are healthy and nutritious and avoid large quantities of fat, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives and colouring.

v All snacks served between meals are sugar free and healthy and will consist of fruit, fresh and dried, raw vegetables, bread sticks, water and milk.

v Fresh drinking water is always available to drink.

v We will discourage parents from sending sweets from home and we do not use sweets as a reward for good behaviour.

v Parents providing packed meals for children will be advised about contents and safe storage. We encourage all pupils to have a healthy lunch.

v Children are made to feel special on their birthday or special family day, celebrations will be without using sweets and confectionery.


This policy was adopted on !st November 2017 and will be reviewed annually



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