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As a school, we are committed to promoting achievement and raising standards and to provide an environment which encourages all pupils to develop his or her talents and abilities to the full. We aim to provide a rich education for pupils of all abilities, to take pride in and celebrate their success. We recognise the need to promote appropriate opportunities to cater for the most able of our pupils. Our approach is inclusive, recognising a child’s right to a broad and balanced curriculum.



A Gifted pupil is in the top 5-10% of the pupil population (DfES definition). A ‘gifted’ pupil is one who ‘has the capacity for or demonstrates high levels of performance in an academic area.


A Talented pupil is one who is in the top 5-10% of those with a domain specific ability in a non-academic area:-

  • Physical talent
  • Visual/performing abilities
  • Mechanical ingenuity
  • Outstanding leadership and social awareness
  • Creativity


Identification of Gifted and Talented pupils

A Gifted or Talented pupil should be identified using a variety of methods. The school may take advantage of information about pupils from a variety of sources:-

  • Teacher recommendation
  • Parents
  • Peers
  • Assessment results


It is worth remembering that gifted children can be:-

  • Good all-rounders
  • High achievers in one area
  • Of high ability but with low motivation
  • Of good verbal ability but poor writing skills
  • Very able but with a short attention span
  • Very able with poor social skills
  • Keen to disguise their abilities


The central aim of our school is to provide all our pupils with educational experiences and opportunities which will enable them to discover and fulfil their own potential. All schemes of work will have opportunities for enrichment and extension activities.


Differentiation will be built into our curriculum planning:

Differentiation by outcome. Pupils may respond at very different levels to the same initial stimulus.

Differentiation by task. Some materials or activities will be accessible to only the most able pupils.

Differentiation by pace. Gifted and Talented pupils need to the facility to proceed at a greater speed.

There will be a commitment to developing extension and enrichment materials which:

Allow individuality of response

Encourage creativity and imagination

Satisfy developmental stage rather than chronological age

Stress process rather than content


Co-ordination within school

Mrs Callaghan is the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator. Her role is to monitor planning for appropriate differentiation and to ensure that suitable records are being kept.


Process for review and development

This policy was reviewed during the Autumn term 2014 and updated annually as necessary.



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