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Confidentiality Policy September 2019

The work of our school will sometimes bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all using and working in the group can do so with confidence we will respect confidentiality in the following ways: –


  • Staff will not discuss individual children, other than for the purpose of planning and group management, with anyone other than the parent/carer of that child, nor will any information given by parents/carers to school be passed on to other adults without permission.
  • Any anxieties or evidence relating to a child’s personal safety will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the school except with Mrs Callaghan and the class teacher if appropriate
  • Parents will have access to the files and records of their own child, but will not have access to information about any other child.
  • Issues surrounding the employment of paid and unpaid staff will remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions.
  • A private area will be provided for anyone wishing to speak about confidential matters


This policy was adopted on 1st November 2007 and will be reviewed as required or annually.



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