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Any parents or interested party can complain if a school or local education authority is not fulfilling its legal duties in offering the National Curriculum, including R.E. and worship.

Our school procedure for dealing with complaints is that:-

  • There is an expectation of pupils, staff and parents to listen carefully and respectfully to each other.
  • Children, parents or carers should contact us immediately they perceive a difficulty or problem.
  • Minor complaints should be dealt with by the class teacher but, if the child or parent is not satisfied refer the matter to the Headteacher.
  • Serious complaints will be investigated immediately by the Headteacher
  • A parent who is still not satisfied should contact the Chair of Governors ( or another member of the Governing Body)
  • If a parent is still not satisfied, the Chair of Governors will appoint a Governing Body Appeal Panel.
  • If the person making the complaint is still not satisfied, the complaint can be referred to the Secretary of State.



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