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Attendance Policy

We believe that good attendance is vital to all our pupils if they are to gain the most from the education we provide. Children are expected to attend school for the full 190 days of the academic year, unless there is a good reason for absence. There are two types of absence:

  • Authorised (where the school approves pupil absence)
  • Unauthorised (where the school will not approve absence)


Every member of staff will check the attendance of their group at the beginning of the morning and after lunchtime, any pupil absences are reported to the office and are followed up appropriately. Paper registers are used in class and this information is then transferred onto the computer


Parents are very good at our school in assisting us in our work of raising attendance levels throughout school, they ensure the regular attendance of their children and inform us promptly when their child is absent from school and the reason for the absence. All reasons for absences are recorded daily.

For sickness

When a child is unwell please call the school on the first morning of absence by 9.30am. If a child has been sick or has had a temperature it is important they stay at home for 24 hours.

For out of school dental and medical treatment

Please let the school office know in writing or by email, in advance of the date and time of the appointment and when your child will be collected from and/or returned to school.

Holidays during term time

From September 2013, in accordance with DfE amendments to regulations,

‘Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.’

Following the Supreme Court findings, Oldham Council have agreed to applying the previous protocol of unauthorised term time absences of 10 sessions or more.

Therefore from September 11th 2017, a penalty charge notice will be issued and (if unpaid) parents will be prosecuted for any term time holidays taken of 10 sessions (5 days) or longer either as a block or accumulated over a 12 week period.

For other absences

Permission for special occasions such as weddings must be requested in advance, in writing to the Headteacher. Shopping trips, birthday trips, days out and holidays at home will not be authorised.



Morning registration will take place at the start of school at 9am. The registers will remain open for 30 minutes. If your child arrives after 9am but before 9.30am, he/she will be marked as late. Any pupil arriving after this time will be marked as having an unauthorised absence unless there is an acceptable explanation. In cases for example, where the absence at registration was for attending an early morning medical appointment, the appropriate authorized absence code will be entered.

If a pupil is late on several occasions, parents will be contacted to discuss reasons/difficulties for the lateness.

The afternoon registration will be at 1pm.

The registers will close at 1.30 pm.

Attendance Targets

The school’s attendance rate for 20016-17 was 95.3%, this is down on previous years. Our target for 2017-18 is to achieve at least 96%.

As a school, we are monitoring attendance carefully this year- parents will receive an update at the end of each month.

What can parents or carers do to help?

All young people have a right to an education. Parents or carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends regularly and punctually. If a child does not, parents or carers may be breaking the law.

Parents should ensure their children arrive at school on time, properly attired and in a condition to learn. Parents need to see themselves as partners with schools in the education of their children. This includes making sure that pupils complete homework on time and that their children keep school rules about behaviour.

If any members of staff have worries about a pupil being absent or do not accept the explanation for an absence as genuine or exceptional, please speak to the Headteacher who will raise the matter with the Attendance Improvement Officer.

Monitoring and Evaluation.

The school will employ a range of strategies to encourage good attendance. The Head meets with the Attendance Improvement Officer if there are any concerns.


This policy was last reviewed in September 2017 and will be reviewed annually



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