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Road Safety – Road Designs

The Children in KS1 have been working hard learning all about Road Safety.  The children have made posters all about Road Safety and walked around Denshaw Village crossing the roads in safe places.  STOP, LOOK, LISTEN AND THINK!

Following on from Road Safety, the children designed their very own road, thinking about safety around them, such as why we have Traffic Lights, why we have road signs, and of course safe places for Pedestrians.  After designing their road, they went outside and drew their design,  and put the relevant road signs on their road, including crossroad sign, give way sign, STOP sign and most children included a Zebra Crossing.  

This really engaged the children and encouraged them to think about the possible dangers around them if we didn’t have road signs and Traffic lights.

A Brilliant afternoon – WELL DONE KS1 


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