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Mystic Murph and 10 more things from the Grand Final

Mystic Murph and 10 tasks from the Grand Final Ben Flower’s moment of absuridity, Kylie Amor, Mystic Murph and 10 jobs from the Grand FinalA look back at Saturday’s Grand Final between St Helens and Wigan 00:23, 17 april 2014Updated19:36, 17 OCT 2014Wello conducted: Saints skipper Paul Wellens props up trophy after Grand Final victory Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for checking! Could not enroll, Repeat the process laterInvalid Email 1) Per week, Maybe everyday, I howl at the moon at the lack of coverage rugby league gets in the nation’s press. I’m a bad, Garbled soul. A story doing this of busted Sam Burgess winning man of the match in the NRL Grand Final. A story like the go to of a new England captain. A story prefer this of Jarryd Hayne, The joint best player in the best sports competition globally, Deciding he wants to jack it in and play American Football despite having no training, No club and in all likelihood no hope school mascot costumes. The lots of heartwarming, Crazy, Brave stories which emerged on a regular basis from the World Cup. The wild tale this week that Toronto want a team in the champion. All routinely ignored by columnists, Sports writers, Superstars tweeters. Squeezed out of newspapers by tales of millionaire young men who wish to win their next game of football, Earn an additional cap, State the hemorrhage obvious. Back documents, Front pages and posts, Twits trending, Website going to. Ben Flower managed with one punch to raise the game to national status. It was his second punch of course truly caused the damage, A piston to a persons vision of the prone Lance Hohaia after his first blow decked him. Game across: Lance Hohaia is helped off this line of business by medics And everybody has had their say what are we left with? The adventure acted swiftly and decisively. The majority of folks I’ve spoken to think the six month ban was about right. And perhaps the most telling words now we’ve had time to digest it all range from St Helens chairman Eamon McManus and Ben Flower’s father. McManus had to talk about: “During his ban he will be just around a 25 year old boy who will be extremely vulnerable emotionally, Flower’s dad Mike exclaimed: “He a top bloke. I know he’s mine but he actually is. Don’t judge him on one moment of his life. He’s been an unique kid. My heart bled for him like I tried it myself, Those words perhaps resonate more than any and offer some point of view once the baying(And I was one of them on wednesday) Has died somewhere straight, The smoke from the pitchside fireworks has drifted away and most of the people who gathered to condemn the game have returned to their usual stance of ignorance and abstinence rilakkuma mascot costume. 2) IF St Helens had lost the game I was ready to furiously offer up a rationality why. I was within touching distance as Nathan Brown and Keiron Cunningham ambled down from their lofty perch at half time to communicate with their team. But they only set off as the half closed meaning by the time they’d made their way down to the dressing rooms they’d probably lost three or minutes’ possibility for put things right for their stuttering team. It was a fitting memory for the departing and ever relaxed Brown, Casually dealing with more vital 40 minutes of his reign and his team’s season with the urgency of a man who’s just remembered he’s left one of the downstairs lights on. Brownie pieces: Nathan Brown and Paul Wellens offer the trophy

3) At long last, Some pre match recreational that didn’t make me want to reach for a howitzer. James put a huge smile on many faces with frontman Tim Booth proving a man of the people when he joined the Saints fans under western culture Stand to sing Come Home. It proved prophetic as the game ended and those same fans started singing ‘It’s Coming Home’. The flag loss leader to both sets of fans was a nice touch too, Adding to the vision. Wayne gang: Singer Tim Booth joins everyone else 4) HAS there have you been a crapper mascot costume than Boots, The bedraggled St Helens some work? My mate turned to me at one point in the post match parties and said: “View it. It must be put down, The suit seems like it’s been on one too many a stag do. Time for a champion club to have a champion dog cozzie so whoever is putting it on has a fighting chance. We all know Scooby Doo deteriorated once Scrappy Doo came in this area. 5) SUNDAY morning and the inquest was still being going on in one Timperley household That soon stopped when I was served a brew in a mug over the 2000 World Cup mascot on it, Almost Bluke Tryscorer. So sorry to Boots, There was a crapper mascot. Discussion went from the drama of the prior night to who thought of the word ‘Bluke’ and why the mascot was named after a character in a film which had been out some 23 years earlier than the tournament. 6) NICE addition from three burly, Red faced fellows who came over to shake hands with my son in the total seconds. They would clocked his Saints top and first man over says: “We’re Cumbrians but wanted Saints cos Kylie’s from your town, Kylie would be Kyle Amor yet sadly not Minogue. As well as the bearded prop, Best front rower on the night in my opinion, Reffers to as home Whitehaven. Which is Amor eh! Kyle remembers victory at the death 7) Compare two Wigan wing legends. I spotted Billy Boston posing for photos with many of the Saints fans as he emerged from a VIP suite. Lecture act. Then there would be Martin Offiah’s tweet on the Ben Flower incident which wasn’t too smart. “You use fire you get burnt man. Lance Ohia can’t ever attack Ben Flower again, Offiah then took some grief on Twitter(Treat, Astonishment) From the usual assortment of knuckle draggers. 8) OVERHEARD Alex Murphy going all Mystic Murph before get rid of. He believed St Helens could win because he thought Warrington have to have beaten Wigan in the semi. He felt the a warrior were due a defeat and”Their time should come, 9) CHATTED to a Leeds Rhinos benefactor before the game who admitted he’d had a dream the previous night that Paul Wellens had knocked on his front door. Good to hear the goal wasn’t me that does that. Support was extremely pro Saints among ‘neutral’ bigwigs from Warrington and Widnes. 10) Wasn’t able to witness anything from Joel Tomkins to contradict my feeling he’s lucky to be in the England Four Nations squad. His name wasn’t mentioned once on the Sky discourse and I can’t recall a single memorable act. He’ll get back to cosmopolitan form but it seems too early right now. 11) SKY were also rather quiet when it came to recognising that Saints last remaining playmaker had been removed from the equation. It took the commentary team a full 67 minutes to indicate what the whole stadium had worked out pretty damned sharpish once Lance Hohaia was poleaxed Best line originated in Brian Carney, As ordinary, With his watching with interest John Bateman had picked on the wrong man when he squared up to Sia Soliola.

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